We source customers from over 100 different traffic sources that work closely with Satori Media.

Seriously reduce your Client Cost Per Acquisition through our proprietary ad optimization method.

Optimizing online advertising campaigns without precise data is like driving blind – you can only go so far with your gut feeling. Real boosts in conversions come through careful analysis of detailed analytics.

Ask us how we can help you reduce your Cost Per Acquisition

“Satori Media has a thorough process they use for starting online advertising campaigns. Once they understand the target customer’s challenges and needs, they dive into their comprehensive process which includes brainstorming and creating many different combinations advertising angles so we can find which ad resonates more with the audience, which normally results in higher conversions and lower cost per click.”


    Do You Know?

    • A careful optimization of your advertising campaigns can slash your cost per click by up to one third of what you’re currently paying?
    • Finding a single winning ad among hundreds of ads tested, can net you millions
    • If you have a single person designing your ads, you are very unlikely to have enough creative juice to find the right angle for your campaign.
    • Dramatically reducing the cost per acquisition can turn a stalled or failing business into a 7 or 8 figures a year business.

    Reducing your cost per customer acquisition sets you on a path for dominating your market.
    In modern online advertising whoever can pays less for each customer is likely to be crushing their competitors.

    Who is this for?

    It’s for businesses that have a proven business model and are currently advertising online, wish to start, or want to expand their current sources of customers.

    We are here to decrease your cost per click and cost per acquisition of each customer, using high end analytics tools that allow us to mine data that helps us make more informed decisions about what ads to cut, which ads to scale, and the overall direction of an advertising campaign.

    Our team of top ad optimization experts will come in, set up analytics, and gather intelligent data. Once we have the data we need, we’ll dig deep, analyze, and tune everything.

    What you’re going to get

    The end deliverable is usually more and cheaper traffic, more conversions and less paid for each customer acquired.

    As you probably know, online advertising campaign optimization is an ongoing process. Once winning campaigns are setup across all available traffic sources, we will keep tuning your campaigns according to the data we keep collecting.

    We present all of our findings over a conference call where we answer all of your questions and can discuss further implementation.

    Awesome results are built by an awesome team