Sales Funnel

Creation And


We will make you more money with the traffic you have. Our industry-leading process allows us to create and expand your product sales funnel leading to potentially:

  • More than tripling your revenue per visitor
  • Lower your customer acquisition costs

“Satori Media’s sales funnel design helped us extract much more money from our customers, while better understanding their wants and needs.”

Tobias Ungar

“Satori Media have a solid process in place they take customers through. Once they understand their customer’s problems and needs, they dive into their comprehensive process which includes: business analysis, data analytics,  interviews with our sales and marketing teams, as well as testing with our users.”

Josh Urban


Our sales funnel creation and optimization process is guaranteed to make you more money

  • We identify where your website may be leaking money and how revenue can be increased through your entire sales funnel.
  • We create optimized design, copy and we improve the structure based on the data insights.
  • We run extensive, iterative tests to figure out what optimizations work the best for your site.

Business Analysis

  • Understand your Audience: learn who they are, what they want, why and how they consume through demographic, emotional trigger, habit, and user research.
  • Understand your current website and business: learn what’s going on, where are the leaks and problem areas, and how people are currently using your site.

Research Methods

Besides speaking with you and learning all we can about your business, the following tasks take place during our research:

  • Heuristic analysis of your website to identify “areas of interest”.
  • Full data analysis to fully understand what’s going on with your website.
  • Competitive analysis to see how you stack up against the competition to understand your prospects’ choices.
  • Personalization and cart abandonment analysis

By the time we’re done with our data collection, we will have an accurate description of your customer and how they use your website.

Sales Funnel Tweaking

Based on the data-informed insights, our team of analysts will identify and map out solutions to each of your site’s problems. We will come up with a number solutions for each of the identified issues.

We also identify where additional products, promotions or price drops can be added onto your sales funnel in order for you to make more per each visitor that comes to your website.


We perform proper controlled A/B/n testing, following the scientific method to ensure trustworthy outcomes.

Our test are derived from data-backed hypotheses and our previous experience.

All tests run for a minimum of 2 business cycles, 2 to 4 weeks. We take test outcome validity very seriously. After each test we conduct post-test analysis and present you our findings.

Rinse, Repeat

Testing is an iterative process. With each test we learn something new about your customer and what keeps them moving forward through your website. With each test and each change we get data that will be help is further improve the results.

Awesome results are built by an awesome team